Hemlock Semiconductor
Creative Content

HSC is a leading provider of high-purity polysilicon products for the electronic and solar power industries. They hired us to help them create content to market their services, opportunities, and products in a creative way.

Graff Automotive
advertising & Creative Content

Graff Automotive has been a staple in car sales in Michigan for over a century. For years Graff and BCD have been working together to create memorable, creative television commercials to help drive their brand and attract new customers.

Duro-Last, Inc.
Creative Content & Marketing

Duro-Last is the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated roofing systems. For the past 20 years, they have entrusted BCD in their marketing, content creation, social media, & event management and planning.

Northwood University
Creative Content

Northwood University develops free-enterprise leaders who drive global economic and social progress. When they came to us, it was for a simple music video in late 2020. That one project has turned BCD into their main content creation agency.

UA Local 85
Creative, Web, & Branding

For over 130 years, UA Local 85 members has been protecting the health of our jurisdiction through our vigorous apprentice and journeyman training. They hired BCD to refresh their community facing presence through content creation, and web based marketing. 

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