What We Do

We are relationship builders. We work with amazing clients from family owned businesses to Fortune 50 companies. We also develop strong media vendor relations to leverage our buying power and expand value added opportunities for our clients.

We are good listeners. Because it’s just polite and you know your customers better than we do. Good agencies learn from their clients before making recommendations.

We are idea people. From the big idea that drives your brand forward to the hundreds of ideas that go into an integrated media plan.

We are implementation people. Doers who are accountable to see the big idea through from start to fruition.

Our Expertise

Barnes Chase & Davis Inc. is an integrated advertising agency with expertise in online and offline advertising, strategy, identity and positioning. We provide full media placement services, social media services and creative development for online, broadcast, print, long and short form HD video production.

Media Buying

Media strategies that worked five years ago simply don’t work as well today. We know how people use the traditional and digital media we advertise on. This allows us to put all media on a level playing field weighing their strengths and weaknesses against their ability to reach your target market efficiently. Then we set up tracking platforms to continuously monitor and improve your integrated media mix and response.


We know what brand really is, how it evolves and how it affects your company on a daily basis. Branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, it’s about influencing customers to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem or desire.


The big idea can come from anyone in our organization, and it could just as easily come from someone in yours. Did your last agency admit that?

At BCD, the creative process doesn’t happen in a magic room filled with pixie dust apart from you but in partnership with you. We know that people want to me entertained, surprised, and informed to fulfill their next need and desire. We create messages that make people feel they have discovered you… Not been sold.


Having success in digital platforms is not about what websites or social platforms you’re on. It’s about having better targeting strategies. BCD builds integrated digital media campaigns combining display, video, streaming audio and mobile messaging with multiple targeting strategies to maximize online performance.