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We have nearly every audience measurement tool in the business, and a few we’ve made up on our own. We can find and track your next customer, picking him or her out of the 7 billion people on Earth with the precision of fiery knives in a Vegas juggling act.

We have high-end cameras and video editing systems that have shot Olympic Games and produced national network advertising. We’re talking about the kind of gear that you want to play with at night and on weekends, just to see what kind of new and crazy stuff you can come up with.

And all of it is worthless without our people. Individually, we’ve been called analytical, rational, clever, anal retentive, off-kilter, passionate, outgoing, brooding, and effervescent. Collectively, we’re typically referred to as one heck of an ad agency.

Between our on-site staff and the legion of contract specialists we employ, we’re able to put together just the right combination of talent and personalities to find your next customers, get their attention, and make them fall for you.

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We deliver precise strategic thinking and marketing direction that can turn your concept from vision to reality. The main core of our strategy is achieving targeted and measurable results. We can help you plan all your marketing efforts!

Meet the team

Bernie Darland

Bernard Darland

Founder / Partner

Chis Gildenstern

Chris Gildenstern

Creative Director/Partner


Teresa Darland

Traffic/Media Invoice Coordinator

Kelly Kuchek

Kelly Kuchek

Media Buyer

Erin Atha

Erin Atha

Social Media/Account Services

Linda Maher

Linda Maher

Account Services